Fairytale Art by Miharu Yokota

赤ずきん/ Little Red Riding Hood by Miharu Yokota
赤ずきん/ Little Red Riding Hood by Miharu Yokota

Miharu Yokota is a self taught artist from Tokyo, Japan.  Her paintings are full of fairies and flowers.  Her gentle work is inspiring and beautiful.  You can see her work here or at her website.

Creeping Vines

Lisa Cox

Long ago in my
Cradle as I lay
Seeds grew into
A vine round and
Round the vine grew
As I grew the vine grew
Round and round
Flowers bloomed
Fragrant and bright
Their perfume permeates
My life the green leaves
Stain my hands
Every thought was filled
With this perfume
Every time I shook
A hand my green tinged
Hands gave me pause
Always there this vine
Clinging, climbing, holding
Every thought captive
To green vines, green
Leaves, scented breeze
Left over from childhood
Clinging, lingering, haunting
Untangling the vine
Crushing the flowers
Washing away the green
Long slow work
So long my home
The vine, the perfume
I never knew
I never knew
It blocked my view


Daughter – Youth