I Dream of Flowers – Oil Paintings by Mia Tarney


Hydrangea - Oil painting by Mia Tarney
Hydrangea – Oil painting by Mia Tarney


Mia Tarney is a painter from London UK.  Originally trained in portrait and figurative painting she now paints mainly flowers, with intense focus on the details and the colors.  Her paintings have deeply saturated colors and details that create an entire world in a bouquet of flowers.  Her work is in multiple galleries.  A few places her work can be seen:  Here, Here, and Here.

Spring Cleaning

Lisa Cox

Flowers bloomed

In the living room

The seeds were

Tracked in on our shoes

Coming up in April

They reminded us

To trim the moss

On the kitchen table

And the train the vines

Round the toilet bowl

While the grassy path down

The hall was sprouting

Dandelions that needed

To be uprooted

And in the laundry

Lilacs hung heavy

And fragrant framing

The drier, while daffodils

Soaked up water from

A leak behind the washer

And there –

In the light fixture –

In the kitchen

A nest of baby birds

Shrilled for breakfast

And we all knew

Spring cleaning must

Begin in earnest



The Gardener (with lyrics) – The Tallest Man On Earth

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