Paintings for a Rainy Day – Artwork by Igor Mudrov with Spring Haikus


Wind by Igor Mudrov
Wind by Igor Mudrov


Igor Mudrov is an oil painter who is originally from Russia.  He currently lives in the United States.  Much of his work contains figures in the rain, and his unique technique gives the viewer a very visceral sense of the scenes.  There is something in his work that sparks the imagination, and draws the viewer into the painting.  To view more artwork by Igor Mudrov visit his website, or go here.



Hope is bottled up

In spring rain, waiting for sun

To stir earth awake


Seedlings gasped for air

Under cold earth they did sleep

Until spring stirred them


Snow topped mountains lie

Winter has fled the valleys

Spring melts winter snows


Sit still on the branch

Flowers unfurl their petals

Fledglings crack their shells


Ice cracks on the stream

As my sorrow melts before

The warmth of your smile


Through the window come

Long waited for spring sun song

Warm the sleeping cat

Red Flowers
Red Flowers

Soft chick in my hands

Little beak plucks my sweater

Spring is in my hands

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