Digital Photos by Victoria Siemer

Untitled by Victoria Siemer
Untitled by Victoria Siemer


Victoria Siemer is a photographer and does uses digital manipulation to create unique effects with landscapes.  Her photos expand landscapes and make them more than just a picture of a forest or a horizon.  She has an ability to play with the colors in the landscape that allows the viewer greater insight into it.  For more of her work see her tumblr or go here.  *Buy prints of Victoria’s work on Society6*


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How Do I Know

Lisa Cox

How tangible
is this love that moves
my heart?
This visceral part
that beats continues
apace while I am moved
beyond what the
beat will allow
or can acknowledge
for it flutters not
nor does it stop
and yet I know I
love from every
atom of my being
I love
confounding all
nature science reason
even to stop every
process that makes
me live I would
love you
come find me here
head, heart, soul
an unknown thing
living in a world
where beating heart
coexists with a heart
that loves and
defies all measuring

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