Art of the Subconscious – Illustrations by Gordy Wright

Whale by Gordon Wright
Whale by Gordon Wright


Gordon Wright is an art student at  Bristol UWE in the UK.  He uses a variety of materials in his illustrations.  His pieces for me evoked subconscious ideas and feelings.  They have overtones of Aboriginal and Native American imagery.  Some of the symbolism also harkens back to Greek or Roman Mythology.  His artwork also contains a story – he is a storyteller through his art.  To see more of his artwork check out his tumblr.


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In My House

Lisa Cox

There is a place

Where I live

Here dwells

The dusk

The dawn

The eclipses

Here I find my

Rage, my joy

My despair,

My longing,

My mourning

Logic matters

Not in this place

It breaks to pieces

Here, as if shattered

Going through the

Looking glass

I once thought to

Tidy this corner

To put it in order

For it spilled throughout

My house and

I was nearly drowned

Resistance is to meager

A word to describe

What I met

Monsters raged

Swords were drawn

And crossed

Fires burned

And unspeakable

Things said

Order in the rest of my

House was restored

Only when

Only when

I left that place

To its own design

By truce agreed

And paid it regular

Mind without

Attempt at force

Or contempt

For what lives

In my mind.


Jónsi – Go Do

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