Photomanipulations by Adrian Limani


Heart Beat by Adrian Limani
Heart Beat by Adrian Limani


Adrian Limani is a photographer and he also does digital photomanipulation.  He is from Albania.  His work is creative and full of life.  You can see his work many places online. Here are a few:




4 tumblr

5. His website

He also has been featured in newspapers and magazines.  Hear are just a few examples of his work.



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An Interview With the Moon

Lisa Cox

What was the


Oh, well

I suppose it is

Difficult being

Me –

I used to be

Revered and


I was once a

A god in the heavens

I could drive

You insane

Just like that

And what’s more

You even saw your

Own face in me!

Then cheese happened

Why oh why?

If I could find

That mad man

I mean I probably

Drove him mad

But cheese, why

Would he say I

Was made of cheese?


After that it was

Movies and you

Were flying rocket

Ships into my eye-

Have a laugh at my

Expense- yes we’re

All laughing now

But does anybody

Think what would

Happen if I weren’t


What about tides?

What about light

At night?

No, you have your

Light bulbs, but

Mark my words

You would miss


You would miss


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