Painting by Kai Mccall

Woman in Possession of a Carp by Kai McCall
Woman in Possession of a Carp by Kai McCall


Kai McCall’s paintings make me smile.  He is difficult to pin down or categorize until you read his artist statement on his website.  Kai McCall writes about the time frame when the the Dutch Masters were painting (such as Vermeer and Judith Leyster):

“Part of what I would like to explore in this series is my ambiguous relationship to the whole idea of sub categories in painting. On one level I feel a need to mock the conditions that saw a hierarchy between history painting and genre painting (and therefore mock genre painting too). At the same time I find the innocence and devotion that the best genre painters brought to their work to be fascinating. I think for genre paintings to be really good they need to be lovingly made or else the whole thing does not work. Yet when familiar everyday activities are painted with such loving care the whole scene takes on a creepy sub-text. I try to incorporate this ambiguity in my work.”

To see more of Kai McCall’s skilled and entertaining artwork visit his website or go here.



Dala w/ The Good Lovelies and O Susannah ~ The Weight

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