Portraits – Photography by Hannes Caspar

Vier photo by Hannes Caspar
Vier photo by Hannes Caspar


Hannes Caspar is a professional photographer from Germany.  I really like his portrait series.  To see more of his work visit his webpage at www.hannescaspar.com.  Some of his work is NSFW, and not suitable for children.


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Lisa Cox

Are you in there?
In that look,
That line from
Your cheek
To under your eye?
Does it resonate
With your sorrow
That perfectly shaped
Do your long
Eyelashes measure
The depth of your love?
Is the passion you feel
For your child contained
In the fullness of your
Lips as they are parted
And quirked in that
Lovely smile?
Do your eyes really
Contain your soul,
The part of you that
Is not fully tethered
To this earthly realm
But resides in those
Can it be seen?
Does this beauty, this
Captured moment,
Half a moment
Half a half
Give me any part
Of you?
We ordinary folk
Search vainly in
Mirrors for any
Shape of beauty
That might reflect
What we know
Must reside inside
While you, oh
Pictured fortunate
One never hear
That true beauty
Is inner beauty;
Do you search vainly
seeking inside
Looking for the beauty
You see in the mirror
Knowing that it
Must be mirrored
In your unseen depths
As well?
Are well all looking
For beauty in ourselves
That we see only
In others,
Deluding ourselves
And subsisting on
The imagined happiness
Of the more beautiful?


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