The Flood is Coming

Water From Above and Below by Michael Cina
Water From Above and Below by Michael Cina

See more of Michael Cina’s work HERE.

When the flood
We were unprepared
The ants
Were marching toward
The boat
While we filed
Police reports
And bought guns
Robins pushed
Hatchlings from their
To flop on dry
And then flew
To perches on
B deck
During tax season.
Walking fish
Were turned away
At the boarding station
For being out of fashion
And walked back to
The water
Just as bathing suit
Season became
A topic of conversation.
What will we do
Now that
We have flood
Insurance and radar weather?
Rainbows have double
Meanings and promise
More than just
Safety from floods
But we know
Their ephemera
Won’t hold water
Any more than
Glaciers will.

Beautiful Atrwork by Greek Artist Ira Tsantekidou

La Nuit/At Night by Ira Tsantekidou
La Nuit/At Night by Ira Tsantekidou

Ira Tsantekidou is a professional artist from Greece.  Her work is inspiring and beautiful.  She uses a variety of techniques and materials to create vivid and lovely art.  To see more of her work go to her website at  You can also get more information about the artist at this Site.

More Ira Tsantekidou after music!

Hanni El Khatib – Wait Wait Wait


Princess With Falcon




Köln, om FiJchmorkt

A Fresh Bouquet of Flowers from Mia Tarney

"Giraffe with Tangerine" by Mia Tarney
“Giraffe with Tangerine” by Mia Tarney


Mia Tarney is an amazing oil painter.  Her paintings of flowers bring them right into the room with you.  To see more of her work check out her webpage HERE.  My other post with her some of art can be seen here:

July Flowers

July heat flowers
All the colors stored in seeds
Here Spring rainbows bloom



Remarkable Art by Cooper & Gorfer

"The Leaving" by Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer
“The Leaving” by Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer


Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer are professional photographers who have been working together since 2006.  Their work defies easy explanation.  There are stories in their pictures, and untold mysteries seem to hang just outside of the frame.  To see more of their work check out their webpage at

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Photography by Jessica Tremp

Photo by Jessica Tremp
Photo by Jessica Tremp

Jessica Tremp is a professional photographer from Australia.  She has won many awards and her work has been widely shown.  Much of her work has an otherworldly feel to it, and often it takes a moment to digest what exactly is going on in her photos.  They are lovely.  To see more of her work visit her website at  There is nudity in her work.

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Phoria – Red

Surf’s Up

Gif Art from h-tw0-oh.tumblr
Gif Art from h-tw0-oh.tumblr


Stunning photos from Jaider Lozano capture the essence of surfing and the beach.  He is from Spain and his love of surfing and the ocean and beach environment are obvious.  You can enjoy more of his work at his website, and at these sites HERE, and HERE.


Josh Ritter – Change Of Time

Some Street Art for Summer

"Drift" by David De La Mano from the Maldives
“Drift” by David De La Mano from the Maldives


Street Art is such a vibrant art form around the world.  Here are a few more pieces of street art spanning the globe including a few pieces taken of the now painted over 5Pointz building in Long Island, NY.  Here are previous posts of street art:  To see more street art try these sites HERE, HERE,HERE, and HERE.



Other, Buenos Aires




Case “Beyond the Surface”, Frankfurt, Germany

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Case - Beyond the Surface


Dave De La Mano (David Hand)



Muse – Uprising HQ