Thunder and Lightning- Photos by Jakob Wagner

Part of the “Thunderstorms” Series by Jakob Wagner


Jakob Wagner is one of my favorite photographers.  He is from Dusseldorf, Germany and you can see more of his work in a previous post at His work is also HERE and check out his website at




I See Fire – Ed Sheeran Lyrics 









Lightning Strike

Lisa Cox

Truth ran from the tree
Like the sap
Bleeding from the long
That came from the
Thunder which followed
The lightning
All way down the tree
Sap running down
The bark
Truth pungent
Clinging oozing
Who can repair
The lightning broken
Tree held together
By a few tinders
And some sap
Like truth
Bleeding into
The grass below?
Truth is leaking out
While the tree dies from
The outside in
Burned inside
Broken outside
Sap exposed to the
While years of rings
Are scratched apart
Like a broken record
The needle stuck on
One note one note one note
Not enough sap left
To hold it all together
Fire was to bring
Light and light truth
But truth was in the
Tree and lightning burned
Now to ash


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