The Disconnect of Connection of Online Life – Digital Images by 非(Hi)

Digital Image by 非 (Hi)
Digital Image by 非 (Hi)


It has struck me for some time how radically the internet has changed interpersonal communications.  This is obviously not a new observation, but being from the generation that grew up was just being turned on,  the stark difference between before the internet and after are very real to me.  I have young nieces and nephews and they do not know a life without the internet.    Their generation communications and also views information and access to information very differently than I do.  These digital images by the artist known only as 非(or Hi) graphically portray the sense of connection provided by technology and yet the profound disconnection and loneliness that comes from dependence on technology for communication and relationships.  The digital world is very real in one sense, and yet in another more profound way is not reality.  It is in fact completely divorced from the reality of the real tangible world that our very human bodies and minds inhabit and interact with on a daily basis.    Finding a balance between these two worlds has been abdicated to a younger generation, as many in the older generations have eschewed technology and many in the younger generations do not know how to interact with the older generations, having been isolated from them because of their use of technology.  This divide seems especially sharp in Japan, from everything I have seen written and in art I have seen from Japanese artists.

To see more art by 非 (Hi) check out his tumblr or his pixiv page (which is in Japanese).  I am including an image from another Japanese artist  Kazuki Takamatsu.  His work highlights the disconnection between the generations in Japan.  His images are handpainted, but mimic the highly digital technique of depth mapping.  To see more of Kazuki Takamatsu’s work check out this site HERE


From the "Spiral of Emotions Series" by  Kazuki Takamatsu
From the “Spiral of Emotions Series” by Kazuki Takamatsu


Artwork of 非 (Hi)

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