Grey Nightmares – Photos by Samad Ghorbanzadeh

From the series "Grey Nightmares" by  Samad Ghorbanzadeh
From the series “Grey Nightmares” by Samad Ghorbanzadeh

See more intriguing art by Samad Ghorbanzadeh HERE.

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Soul Tired

Lisa Cox

When my soul needs rest
Where can I run from?
Every flat space is hard
I run past ruin
Past loss
Into new shiny
Hyper constructed future
Finding no peace
No connection
Nowhere exists for relief
Even faith has succumbed
Banning reason
Turning compassion into a sin
Sacred ground holds only
Promises of battle
Where are the hills
That I was promised
There is no refuge in lonliness
Hope springs eternally from change
That never was
that was only
A few degrees past existing
More please more
I run past broken promises
Past wreckage never reconstructed
In a fairy tale grand men
Wrote a promise using words
Squeezed like a lemon of their meaning
Declaring, constituting, amending
Who broke their promises?
I find no rest
At the knee of
Of the wise man
At the black wall of sorrow
On the marble steps
Promises promises
Now meaningless
Words as weapons
Arguing over powerful minutia
Words so still on the page
Moving like vipers
To ruin to starve to humiliate
The writers go home
I have no home
My soul can find no peace
Where can I run from?


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Bob Marley – Wait in Vain (with lyrics)

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