Kim Alsbrooks – “My White Trash Family” – Found Mixed Media Art

"Priscilla" part of the "My White Trash Family" series by Kim Alsbrooks
“Priscilla” part of the “My White Trash Family” series by Kim Alsbrooks


Kim Alsbrooks is originally from South Caroline.  By juxtaposing replications of original portraits that were painted on ivory onto trash Alsbrooks seeks to highlight some of the ideas and mythology that surround the history of the old south.   These paintings were originally family portraits done in the 17th and 18th century.  Ms. Alsbrooks explains  on her blog, ” (it) got me thinking about historical biases and I began to consider the fallacies that lay before me. What”s up with those people painted on ivory…”

To see more of Kim Alsbrooks’s work visit her website or her blog.

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The Vespers – Cottonfield – Live On Lightning 100

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