Lifting Water – Black and White series by Dru Donovan

from the "Lifting Water" series by Dru Donovan
from the “Lifting Water” series by Dru Donovan

Dru Donovan is a professional photographer who recently completed a Workspace Residency at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.  Her series titled “Lifting Water” focuses on an ailing man who is receiving care.  The photos are poignant and heartbreaking, especially for those who have watched love ones in hospice or nursing homes.  They show the frailty and total dependence that comes with old age and illness and also the struggle that loved ones have caring for them and watching them in this situation.  You can see more of Dru Donovan’s work at her Website or HERE or HERE. *Update – Dru Donovan’s website doesn’t seem to be working – I don’t know why 1/15/2016*

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Nightshade and Lilies

Among the nightshade
Lilies grow, moon white in dark
Death with remembrance

Lisa Cox

Shawn Smith – Wrapped in My Memory

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