Milky Ways Sculptures by Mihoko Ogaki

From the "Milky Way" Instillation by Mihoko Ogaki
From the “Milky Way” Instillation by Mihoko Ogaki

Mihoko Ogaki is a professional artist who has had exhibits around the world.  She does large scale exhibits.  This work is from her “Milky Ways” exhibit.  It concerns Mihoko’s thoughts on life, death and rebirth.  To see more of her work go to her website HERE.

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I See Your Light

Lisa Cox

In my soft sleep
I wove a vision
Of the light
In you
Flowing to
The farthest part
Of your being
Soul light
Guiding light
Warming my
Way light

Oh then

Oh then

The light rushed
Out of your fingertips
Out of your toes
Out of your eyelids
Contracting back
To that place
Behind your eyes
I reach to pull it
Looking for
The light in
Your eyes
It rushes out
Like a faraway
Exploding supernova
Light in every direction
So brilliant
The flickering stars
Where you now reside



“The living sculptures of Pemberly”  Dario Marianelli – Pride & Prejudice sountrack

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