Wild Garden – Pictures for Summer by Annemiek Groenhout

"Wild Garden" by Annemiek Groenhout
“Wild Garden” by Annemiek Groenhout


Annemiek Groenhout is a professional artist from the Netherlands.  Her work is light and airy, and simply lovely.  To see or purchase prints of her work visit either of these two sites HERE or HERE.


More art after Poetry!

Summer House Work

Lisa Cox

I’ve weeded the couch,
Mulched the carpet
In the hall
But the vine
Creeping round
The loo needs
Wait what else?
Oh yes, the birds
In the nest above
The fixture
‘Bove the table
Have flown –
Time to
Tidy round the bulbs,
Wait, something else
Jimmy’s potato patch,
Round the foot of his
Bed, I bet the baby
Reds are ready –
Perfect for dinner
And of course
Mary’s rose bush
Musn’t forget to
Dead head so she’ll
Get new blooms –
Fall dances need
Then I’ll pluck
Some chamomile
From my bedside
Table, nice cup of
Tea – yes that’ll do!






Spring 1
Spring 1




Peter, Paul & Mary – Weave Me the Sunshine

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