New World – Music by Sebastian Tribal with Ballet Gif Art Update 8/22/2014












*Update* While I work very hard to always identify artists and always link to their sites where the art came from, I needed to remove that information from this post.  I previously had a link here for the website where the gif art came from. It is very beautiful, but I reviewed the site more thoroughly as I should have done before I put this up.  I found that this site glorifies anorexia.  You can of course find this site if you try, but I would encourage you not to try.  Anorexia is a harmful to young people.  These particular images don’t speak directly to that, but as I looked closely at the other images and the tags it was obviously the intent of the site.  I am removing the identifying features of the site from this post.  If you happen to be artist from that site and wish me to remove these pictures from this site please let me know.  More information about Sebastian Tribal at his Website

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