Painting by Katarzyna Adamek-Chase with a July Nocturne

Medusa by Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Medusa by Katarzyna Adamek-Chase


Katarzyna Adamek-Chase is a professional artist from Krakow, Poland.  She is a graphic designer, painter, illustrator, and animator.  To see more of her work check out the website HERE.

 July Nocturne

Lisa Cox

The brassy hot July
Light resists fading,
Clings stubbornly
Even as pastels creep
From the horizon.
The heat stays
Radiating from pavement
As veiled tones
Flow and soften
Landscapes made sharp
And hard by burning July
Sunlight insisting on
Burning its bikini line
Across young chests.
Standing in the garden
With warm soil
Under aching feet
I smell the green stirred
By the heat exhaling into
The growing summer darkness
As the half-moon rises
Giving enough light for
Moon flowers to open
Greedily soaking in
The pale light.
Rabbitly multiplying zucchini
Are piled next to plump red
Tomatoes while carrots
Stand in rows hiding
Their treasure for a few
More days.
Can you wait
Can you wait
For corn to yellow and
Plump to full sweetness,
Or will you hurry and
Cut it now and eat small
Kernels, only half full
Of sweet corn milk?
Mosquitoes drone
Competing with crickets
And frogs for attention
And the moon rises
And the plants grow
While the flowers petal
Into the fragrant night.
When heat again washes
Over this bounty erasing
All the coolness,
Will this all wilt away
And be only a remembrance
Of a dream I once had?



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