Lingering Summer – Plant Sculptures by Emeric Chantier with Poetry

Skull by Emeric Chantier
Skull by Emeric Chantier

Emeric Chantier is wonderful artist from France.  He works in multimedia to create fascinating works that are beautiful and meaningful.  A few places to see his work online are HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Also check out his website to see his more of his work in other mediums.

Lingering Summer

Lisa Cox

Summer lingers
Long in the garden
Beguiled by lavender
And rosemary
Intoxicated by the scent
Like a newly legal on
Their birthday
Summer stays too
Long, imbibing all
That grows and flowers
Letting ants tickle
Her toes
And bees provide
Her beat she dances
Through moonlit nights
Into cool dew lit mornings
While sunflowers outgrow
The peas, and pumpkins
Grow obscenely overweight
Into orange tushes that
Summer squeezes
And runs past giggling
Wildly – hardly noticing
The chill creeping into
Evenings, not missing the
Fireflies no longer
Flying, the birds flying
South with all their might –
Autumn is calling Summer
Home with winter hard
At his heels
But Summer pays no
Mind clinging stubbornly
To hard squash
As apples ripen
With Summer rudely
Lingering under the
Press gulping up all
That spills

While away the
Hot afternoon with
Summer pushing away
All thoughts of cold,
Wind, rain, and snow
Let the dandelions
Spread like an army
Holding back Autumn
For Summer
And watch as she
Blows warm breezes
Full of whispered
Promises of eternal
Across their yellow
Then come clouds
And cold winds
Withering back the garden
And Summer succumbs,
Leaving behind piles
Of leaves and rotten
Tomatoes that never
Ripened as if to say,
“I don’t want to play
As she stomps away.



Echosmith – Bright

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