Uncommon Beauty – Photography by Golnaz Shahmirzadi

from the "Forbidden Beauty Series" by Golnaz Shahmirzadi
from the “Forbidden Beauty Series” by Golnaz Shahmirzadi

Golnaz Shahmirzadi is a professional photographer originally from Iran.  She now works from Los Angeles.  While she was a child the Iran-Iraq war took place.  She writes about her work “Forbidden Beauty” which is inspired by her childhood remembrance,

“After the revolution in Iran, women were obligated by law to wear a “burka/hijab” (a veil that covers the whole body, most prominently the hair and neck of a woman) while in a public setting. Women were mostly reliant on men to be the providers, and also a sensibility was ingrained in them that this conservative nature of lifestyle bore a promise of protection and well-being for them, as well as making them virtuous in the eyes of a supreme power. . . . Not being able to express oneself and being covered with layers of dictated responsibilities, deceptions, lies, rigid consequences and an assumed way of living destroys individuality, personality and blocks the way of progress in any society.”  Golnaz Shahmirzadi  

To see more work by Golnaz Shahmirzadi visit this site HERE or her website HERE.

from the "Men in Fashion II" series by Golnaz Shahmirzadi
from the “Men in Fashion II” series by Golnaz Shahmirzadi


Jónsi – Tornado


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