Understanding This New Art Movement of Defacement Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 Are these works a metaphor for violence?

As I said before, these works to me seem to be doing violence against the subjects that are being depicted.  I am struggling to understand this.  Is this a protest against the violence in society?  Are these individuals making statements about the violence in their own lives – domestic violence, gang violence, rape, war or whatever is happening that is immediate to them?  Is this simply the out pouring of years of pent up frustration with social system we live in – the economic, military, social and religious systems that cause violence on many levels to peoples around the world?

mf014 by Eric Lancombe
mf014 by Eric Lancombe


untitled by Aldo Tolino
untitled by Aldo Tolino


untitled by Flora Borsi
untitled by Flora Borsi


Untitled by Brian Donnely
Untitled by Brian Donnelly


untitled by Hester Tatnell
untitled by Hester Tatnell


This piece shows a a different trend within the same group of works – distortion of the face.  These works use old works, or replicas of old works, and distort them or cover the cover the faces on them.  I don’t know why – perhaps to erase the past, to strike at the power of the past on the present course of art?  To try and break free of the past?  An attempt at irony via blasphemy of past past artwork?


Priest by Ross Chisholm
Priest by Ross Chisholm


Embroider on Vintage Photograph by Véronique Buist
Embroider on Vintage Photograph by Véronique Buist


From the “Design and Feeling” series by Chad Wyse

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I am probably overlooking something that is obvious to someone trained in art, or to an actual artist.  This is not intended as a criticism of individual artists.  Their work stands alone.  I may not care for their art on a aesthic level,  but that is a personal preference.  What I am interested in is why now are so many artists from such a variety of places and backgrounds doing the same kind of art?  Why are they focused on faces?  Feel free to leave me a message, or yell at me, or ask me to take down your art.  clisawork@gmail.com  If you have some insight however, please let me know.

Part 4


“Long Shadows” by Josh Ritter (Video by James Holland)



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