Message in a Bottle – Photography by John Grant with Poetry

Sycamore Sky by John Grant
Sycamore Sky by John Grant

John Grant is a professional photographer whose works are commercially available at his website  His photography is beautiful and moving.  Make sure and check out his site!



Message in a Bottle

Lisa Cox

When does it begin
This great conversation
This back and forth?
All knowledge
Soaked up
In the cyberweb
Tangled like
Prey praying waiting
Withering thundering hungering

I wait to talk
To speak
To listen
Why are you
Why are we
Blowing the dust
Off artifacts
Chanting them
Like spells
That might save us?
I will Roar back
Sing with a song
That breaks the web
And I will catch you;
Use every word;
And then, together
We will invent more




One comment

  1. Your photography is so beautiful. The card you did for Bob and Emily is awesome. I figured it was one of yours and
    Bob confirmed that today. Your site he gave me, didn’t work but did allow me to get to one that did.
    Best wishes to you and Stacey for the year.


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