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Illustrations by Chris Thornley

  Chris Thornley aka Raid 71 is an excellent illustrator from the UK. His love of pop culture comes through all his work. He illustrates movie posters, comic book characters, book jackets, and art for music groups. His illustrations are vivid, funny, and intelligent. You can catch actors, musicians, and fictional cultural icons in his… Continue reading Illustrations by Chris Thornley

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Reblogged from – Photography by Anja Niedringhaus

All photos and text from  To see full text and photos go HERE.       Anja Niedringhaus was a German journalist and photographer of the Associated Press in the Khost province of Afghanistan. Last Friday (April 4, 2014), a rogue Afghan policeman opened fire on the car in which she and colleague Kathy Gannon where… Continue reading Reblogged from – Photography by Anja Niedringhaus

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The Art of Defacement – A Recap

Back to the Begginning:  Part 1 Previous Post in Series:  Part 13 I This is my continuing study of art that distorts, smears, or obscures the faces of its subjects. I am trying to get my head around this art – in all its forms. It seems to me to be almost an art movement… Continue reading The Art of Defacement – A Recap

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Watercolor by Janine Gallizia

  Janine Gallizia is a professional watercolor artist from Australia who currently resides in France.  In addition to painting she also teaches.  What is wonderful about contemporary art is being able to hear from the artist about their work.  From an interview on the blog "Art of Watercolor" Janine talks about her process: I do… Continue reading Watercolor by Janine Gallizia

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The Solace of Artemis

Reblogged from Biophilia Hypothesis   The Guardian: A climate change poem for today: “The Solace of Artemis” by Paula Meehan For Catriona Crowe I read that every polar bear alive has mitochondrial DNA from a common mother, an Irish brown bear who once roved out across the last ice age, and I am comforted. It has been… Continue reading The Solace of Artemis

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Lovely Black and White Floral Photography by Amanda Means

Amanda Means is a professional photographer from Beacon, NY.  Her fine art photography is widely exhibited and collected.  This particular collection of Gelatin Silver prints utilizes a unique technique.  Amanda Means gives the following description in Parabola magazine: (Link Updated 2/2016) I do not photograph these forms with a camera. They are made by the… Continue reading Lovely Black and White Floral Photography by Amanda Means