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Lovely Black and White Floral Photography by Amanda Means

Gelatin Silver Print by Amanda Means
Gelatin Silver Print by Amanda Means

Amanda Means is a professional photographer from Beacon, NY.  Her fine art photography is widely exhibited and collected.  This particular collection of Gelatin Silver prints utilizes a unique technique.  Amanda Means gives the following description in Parabola magazine: (Link Updated 2/2016)

I do not photograph these forms with a camera. They are made by the plant form being placed in the head of an enlarger, on a piece of glass. Light passes through both the vegetation and the lens to the surface below. This is a different kind of light than the reflected light used by cameras containing film. The light of my photographs seems to emanate from the image itself, in much the same way as the light which comes from within the accumulations of paint in a painting.

You can see more of Amanda Mean’s photography at her website HERE.



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