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Watercolor by Janine Gallizia

Watercolor by Janine Gallizia
Watercolor by Janine Gallizia


Janine Gallizia is a professional watercolor artist from Australia who currently resides in France.  In addition to painting she also teaches.  What is wonderful about contemporary art is being able to hear from the artist about their work.  From an interview on the blog “Art of Watercolor” Janine talks about her process:

I do begin my paintings with a model although it is barely recognizable when the painting is finished, apart from my portraits obviously. I am not interested in reproducing a subject, I pay no attention to local colour or values, shape is altered to suit and finally the composition is balanced to make the painting “work”. I see the subject more as a starting point. The subject must have appealed to me on some level and it is this attraction that I try to paint rather than the subject.

You can see more of Janine Gallizia’s amazing work on her website HERE.





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