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Prints by Sarah Morgan

Leap of Faith - Collograph print by Sarah Morgan
Leap of Faith – Collagraph print by Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is a painter and print artist from London. Her collagraph prints are very spiritual and dreamlike. You can see Sarah Morgan’s portfolio at her website or purchase these prints at her Etsy shop.

Golden Buddha - Collagraph print by Sarah Morgan
Golden Buddha – Collagraph print by Sarah Morgan



2 thoughts on “Prints by Sarah Morgan”

    1. I look at alot of art. I put up art that I love. I look for art from around the globe, and I try to pick art that isn’t exploitative in any way. I don’t put up art that portrays violence, and I avoid nudity. I like some art with nudity, and there is a place for the portrayal of violence in art, but there are millions of places to see that on the web. I look for current artists, I try and pick a variety of artists – men and women, old and young. I also try and vary the medium that I put up – sculpture, photography,painting, digital art, gif etc. Also I try and pick more concrete art – I tend to stay away from art that you want to ask the artist, “what do you mean?” because that kind of art the inevitable answer is “The viewer should make their own meaning” at which point most viewers decide all art is meaningless and run away shouting profanities at all artists. That isn’t to say that the art on my blog isn’t provocative, or isn’t inspiring, or intelligent. I can make the case for each and every piece that it is. I’ve probably gone beyond answering your question. Thanks – glad you enjoy the art. Lisa

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