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Irises by Marc Quinn

"Planet - Atlantic Perspective" Marc Quinn
“Planet – Atlantic Perspective” Marc Quinn


Marc Quinn is an amazing artist. His work entitled Irises includes painting and sculptures. Marc explores the relationship between the physical presence of the eye and how they represented in art.

The iris is in a way our doorway to the world, it is the window we see out of and the doorway for light to enter and interact with our nervous system. They are like a leakage of the vivid interior world of the body to the monochrome world of the skin. Marc Quinn

His works draw in the viewer to question how they perceive the image of a figure’s eye on canvas and in sculpture and how artists are able to create and represent a person through their eyes in art. You can see more of Marc Quinn’s on his website and his Instagram. Thanks to Contemporary Art Blog.

X-Ray Eye - Oil on Canvas Marc Quinn
X-Ray Eye – Oil on Canvas Marc Quinn




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