Mixed Media Abstract Art by Homare Ikeda


Abstract art can be a little difficult to understand. If you’re not careful it can look like fingerpainting. Here are two steps that can help you enjoy abstract art.  We’re going to to look at a great artist today – I was lucky enough to find Homare Ikeda’s work. He is from Denver, Colorado. He says his work is a, “vehicle for the unknown”.

So First step, find good music to listen to as you look at art.  While I realize tastes may vary, for this art I found this music (I couldn’t find just the right music – so I made a play list😊):



Now remember when you were little and you played that game when you looked up at the clouds and tried to find the shapes?  The elephants?  The rabbits?  The pirate ships?  The horses galloping across the sky?


“60” x 50″, acrylic on canvas”


Mr Ikeda’s paintings are universes of cloudy skies, full of swirling clouds of every color and shape and imaginable.  I see maps of martian cities.  I see the ecosystems of cells where the building blocks of life are put together.  I see the roaring surfaces of suns.  I see the spirals of sea shells on life rafts being born to far shores carrying stories that you can hear when you put them up to your ear.   I see an elephant hiding under a quilt.  I confess, I’ve been to his website, and I got lost scrolling through his artwork. 


“60” x 48″, oil and acrylic on canvas”


You can see more of his work on his Tumblr.  I’ve used these works with Mr. Ikeda’s kind permission.  I hope can find some time to spend with Mr. Ikeda’s art.

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