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Sculpture for Summer 2017

The variety, creativity and depth of artists creating sculpture in the world today is astounding.  Here are a few artists you may want to check out: Bogdan Rata " of the most intriguing sculptors from his generation. His new hybrid realism is finding new genetic forms of human anatomy in search of a new posthumanism.… Continue reading Sculpture for Summer 2017

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Iranian Artist Ali Esmaeilipour

  Ali Esmaeilipour was born in Iran.  He was also trained in Iran, before moving to Singapore in 1988.  Here is an excerpt from an interview Artling: "Being an artist means to re-create the world as you see it, so that people can understand the meaning of your life” states Ali Esmaeilipour. For almost three decades… Continue reading Iranian Artist Ali Esmaeilipour

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The Refined Work of Juliette Mahieux Bartoli

  Juliette Mahieux Bartoli is a French-Italian artist born in 1989. She now lives and works in London. Her current work “Pax Romana” was created by taking photographs of herself, then she cuts and rearranges these pictures. Then these pictures were used as something of a template for the oil paintings. Thanks to Fad Magazine.… Continue reading The Refined Work of Juliette Mahieux Bartoli

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Russ Mills Contemporary Art

  Russ Mills is a contemporary artist from the UK.  His work is vibrant and energetic.  He uses fluid shapes to represent faces on his figures, and often inserts symbols with no direct meaning.  His work nods toward streetart, but all of his art is mainly digital or on canvas.  You can see more of… Continue reading Russ Mills Contemporary Art

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Travel Pictures from Artist Sarah DeRemer

  Artist Sarah DeRemer is well known for her digital art, which you can see on her Tumblr. She is also an excellent photographer and in 2016 she is traveling through Asia. These pictures were taken in Singapore, South Korea, and Indonesia. You can follow Sarah DeRemer’s travels and see her artwork on Instagram.  … Continue reading Travel Pictures from Artist Sarah DeRemer

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Eisen Bernard Bernardo

  Eisen Bernard Bernardo is an graphic designer and illustrator from the Philippines. His recent work takes well known logos and combines them with famous works of art. By doing this he either reinforces the company or non-profit’s message, or highlights the cognitive dissonance between the implied message of the logo and the actual work… Continue reading Eisen Bernard Bernardo