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Like Barley Bending Spring Art Fair 2017

This is a great time of year to discover new art.  Here are a few artists you may want to check out:    The Menagerie Series South African artist Gawie Joubert.   Cradle 2 California artist Tanya Wolf Ragir. Adrift Dutch artist Daan Noppen.   Expression of Form Collaboration between Rik Oostenbroek (Design, painting, illustration) and Futuredeluxe and… Continue reading Like Barley Bending Spring Art Fair 2017

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More Glorious Pen and Ink Art by Yoshito Ishii:イシイヨシト

Yoshito Ishii moving work (see previous post HERE) takes small intricate pen and ink lines and creates art that appears to live and move.  I sometimes feel as if I look away and look back they might have moved to a different place on the canvas.  More of Yoshito Ishii's work can be found on his… Continue reading More Glorious Pen and Ink Art by Yoshito Ishii:イシイヨシト

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Portraits by Ashish Patel

  Ashish Patel of New Jersey is a multitalented artist who specializes in photo realistic portraits of pop icons. Some of his work is miniatures - delicate precise work that takes portraits to a whole new level. He also creates portraits on paper money. Some of Patel’s work is created out of words.  See more… Continue reading Portraits by Ashish Patel

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Animals by Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton is a talented graphic designer and illustrator from Ontario Canada. Her beautiful prints of forest and other wild animals recall the feeling of coming upon these wild creatures and watching them from a distance as they move freely about in their native environments.  Find more of Amy Hamilton's work on her website.  Also… Continue reading Animals by Amy Hamilton

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Ethereal Artwork by Endre Penovác

  Serbian artist Endre Penovác is a master of many mediums. His works in watercolor are ethereal and seem rather ghostly - some of them mix ink and and watercolor.  His watercolor and ink cats have garnered alot of attention.  Endre’s drawings and his oil color paintings are equally lovely.  You can see more of… Continue reading Ethereal Artwork by Endre Penovác

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Seattle Art Fair 2015

The 1st Annual Seattle Art Fair was at the end of July (July 31 – August 2) and it was an outrageous success. Over 60 art galleries from around the world showed the works of hundreds of artists. In addition to sculpture and painting the fair included multimedia art, virtual reality exhibits, performance art, and immersive… Continue reading Seattle Art Fair 2015