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Sculpture for Summer 2017

The variety, creativity and depth of artists creating sculpture in the world today is astounding.  Here are a few artists you may want to check out: Bogdan Rata " of the most intriguing sculptors from his generation. His new hybrid realism is finding new genetic forms of human anatomy in search of a new posthumanism.… Continue reading Sculpture for Summer 2017

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Like Barley Bending Spring Art Fair 2017

This is a great time of year to discover new art.  Here are a few artists you may want to check out:    The Menagerie Series South African artist Gawie Joubert.   Cradle 2 California artist Tanya Wolf Ragir. Adrift Dutch artist Daan Noppen.   Expression of Form Collaboration between Rik Oostenbroek (Design, painting, illustration) and Futuredeluxe and… Continue reading Like Barley Bending Spring Art Fair 2017

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Irises by Marc Quinn

  Marc Quinn is an amazing artist. His work entitled Irises includes painting and sculptures. Marc explores the relationship between the physical presence of the eye and how they represented in art. The iris is in a way our doorway to the world, it is the window we see out of and the doorway for… Continue reading Irises by Marc Quinn

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Understanding the New Movement of Defacement Part 14

Understanding the New Movement of Defacement Part Faceless in Front of a faceless god(s) Back to the Beginning Part 1 Previous Post - Part 13 #2 Disclaimer: This is my continuing study of art that distorts, smears, or obscures the faces of its subjects. I am trying to get my head around this art –… Continue reading Understanding the New Movement of Defacement Part 14

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Epic Sculptures by Diana Al-Hadid

There is something epic about Diana Al-Hadid’s art. Her sculptural works take in architecture, figures, and abstract forms. She uses a mix of materials including polymers, steel, and bronze. One of her most recent works Gotika, is a play on stained glass windows in churches. It was part of the Glasstress 2015 event - A… Continue reading Epic Sculptures by Diana Al-Hadid

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Unraveling – Ceramic Sculpture by Haejin Lee

  Haejin Lee is a ceramic artist from South Korea. Now working in Vancouver BC, she creates beautiful tableware in addition to contemporary sculptures. Winner of multiple awards, Haejin Lee’s work has been seen around the world.  See all of Haejin Lee's work on her website HERE.  See my original post on the Cross Connect… Continue reading Unraveling – Ceramic Sculpture by Haejin Lee

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Seattle Art Fair 2015

The 1st Annual Seattle Art Fair was at the end of July (July 31 – August 2) and it was an outrageous success. Over 60 art galleries from around the world showed the works of hundreds of artists. In addition to sculpture and painting the fair included multimedia art, virtual reality exhibits, performance art, and immersive… Continue reading Seattle Art Fair 2015