Following the Dots



I made a necklace
From all the twists
And turns
Dotted along the map
Between where you
Came from
“murder capital of
The world”
And here
United States of America
Do you collect
The dots
Like I collect seashells
When I visit beaches?
Did you print
A map that said
“turn right here”
So you wouldn’t be
2512 km the map
Says – how many
Steps is that,
Or do you measure
That distance in shoes
Worn through?
I imagine you
9 years old
On the top of
A train at night
Watching the stars,
Like Columbus watching
The stars to guide him
To the new world
We do not
How to greet you
Do not believe
Everything you hear
There is enough
For you here
We just have to decide
That you belong
You belong


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