For Artists

I support artists and art unreservedly.  If you do not want your art on my blog please email me at and I will take it down immediately.  I make no money from this blog.  I will always credit all artists with their own work.  I will make every attempt to link back to artists original source of work, and to a place where people can contact the artist and purchase their work.  If I make some error concerning your work please let me know and I will fix it.

Also as a special deal from now until this blog no longer exists if you would like me to post your art work or poetry please email me.  I am picky about what I post, because I want my family to be able to view this blog and I have young nieces and nephews.  I don’t put up nudity, ever.  I also do not put up profanity, ever for any reason.  I realize that is limiting.  I realize that there is a place in art for both nudity and profanity and there are pieces of art and poetry that I adore that contain nudity and profanity.  This is not the forum for that however.  The internet is overflowing with art that contains nudity and profanity – a simply google search and you can find it.

The internet allows art from around the world to come into the lives of people who would never get to see it otherwise.  This is a tremendous gift for which I am thankful.  I understand that artists also make a living with their art, so if you need me to remove it please let me know and I will remove it.


Thank you,

Lisa Cox

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