Travel Pictures from Artist Sarah DeRemer

"My friend Johane Francis getting his Sakyant Bamboo Tattoo in Bangkok" Taken from Sarah DeRemer's Instagram Account
“My friend Johane Francis getting his Sakyant Bamboo Tattoo in Bangkok” Taken from Sarah DeRemer’s Instagram Account


Artist Sarah DeRemer is well known for her digital art, which you can see on her Tumblr. She is also an excellent photographer and in 2016 she is traveling through Asia. These pictures were taken in Singapore, South Korea, and Indonesia. You can follow Sarah DeRemer’s travels and see her artwork on Instagram.



Fine Art Photography by Paul Octavious

From the series "Puffin Clouds" by Paul Octavious
From the series “Puffin Clouds” by Paul Octavious


Paul Octavious is a professional photographer from Chicago, Il.  He had previously worked for Threadless.  His series entitled, “Puffin Clouds” uses shadow and miniature to create a myth like world of giants and clouds.  You can see more of Paul Octavious’s work on his Flickr. Thanks to Cross Connect Magazine and Ill Society Magazine.




Puffin Clouds by Paul Octavious
Puffin Clouds by Paul Octavious

Dreamy Watercolor by Russian Artist Alexander (Arush) Votsmush

Watercolor by Alex Votsmush
Watercolor by Alex Votsmush

Master watercolor artist Alexander (Arush) Votsmush lives and works in Sevastopol, Ukraine. His work is like having an eccentric uncle who travels the world and turns up with wild stories about zebras, sailing ships, and wrestling alligators. Arush has an amazing capability of teasing out details while all around swirl wild details. There is something like magical realism in work – like the fantastical brought to life. See more of Alexander (Arush) Votsmush’s work on his Live Journal Page,, and Blogg99.

Watercolor by Alex Vtosmush
Watercolor by Alex Votsmush




Muffled – Digital Artwork from Lek Chan


Muffled - Digital Artwork by Lek Chan
Muffled – Digital Artwork by Lek Chan

I would like to share with you the work of Lek Chan of Taipei, Taiwan.  Her work is beautiful, deeply moving and also has deep meaning.  I am going to reblog her post on the above artwork “Muffled” from her website:

There has been a of “speech muffling” happened here recently. A gov body openly warned public not to post any info/statement that will harm the country (in fact, not to harm the current established gov). A news program had been punished for showing a picture of our frowning prime minister.

When i was watching a cold war documentary series, i came a cross this line: “What devastating is not the act of censorship, but the product of censorship”. Self-censorship, is far more devastating than censorship itself. When the populace had underwent long period of speech suppression, they will then developed a automatic self-filtration for speech, to avoid political persecution.

There is no room for truth and criticism. Hopeless.

You can also  Lek Chan’s work HERE and on Facebook.



Substance - Lek Chan
Substance – Lek Chan