Russ Mills Contemporary Art

  Russ Mills is a contemporary artist from the UK.  His work is vibrant and energetic.  He uses fluid shapes to represent faces on his figures, and often inserts symbols with no direct meaning.  His work nods toward streetart, but all of his art is mainly digital or on canvas.  You can see more of... Continue Reading →

Irises by Marc Quinn

  Marc Quinn is an amazing artist. His work entitled Irises includes painting and sculptures. Marc explores the relationship between the physical presence of the eye and how they represented in art. The iris is in a way our doorway to the world, it is the window we see out of and the doorway for... Continue Reading →

  Tatyana Ilieva's beautiful dance watercolors are available at Society6 as art prints and other products.  Click here to see other artists featured on Likebarleybending with work available on Society6.  Link to post on Tatyana Ilieva.  

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