The London UK based artist known as EMCN does wonderful photography and digital art.  His work is full of energy and life.  You can see more of EMCN's work at his Tumblr HERE.   The Perfect Sound Track for this work - this is from EMCN's Tumblr.              

Sometimes photography can draw your attention to the small things, the details and make them art.  This is the case for the photographs by Stefan Krauss's  that can be seen on his Tumblr "A Funky Space Reincarnation".  It is not always obvious what the object that is being photographed is, but all the work is... Continue Reading →

Photographer Zhu Xi is originally from China, but now works in Paris, France.  Her black and white photos are compelling and lovely.  You can see more of Zhu Xi's photos on her website HERE, and on her Tumblr HERE.            

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