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Russ Mills Contemporary Art

  Russ Mills is a contemporary artist from the UK.  His work is vibrant and energetic.  He uses fluid shapes to represent faces on his figures, and often inserts symbols with no direct meaning.  His work nods toward streetart, but all of his art is mainly digital or on canvas.  You can see more of… Continue reading Russ Mills Contemporary Art

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There is More Art. . .

Thankyou to everyone who has visited my blog - please come back anytime, I will continue to add great art here on a regular basis.  You can also visit my Tumblr at for more great art!  Here is a sample of some of the great art I have found on Tumblr to share. . .  … Continue reading There is More Art. . .

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Portraits by Ashish Patel

  Ashish Patel of New Jersey is a multitalented artist who specializes in photo realistic portraits of pop icons. Some of his work is miniatures - delicate precise work that takes portraits to a whole new level. He also creates portraits on paper money. Some of Patel’s work is created out of words.  See more… Continue reading Portraits by Ashish Patel

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Animals by Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton is a talented graphic designer and illustrator from Ontario Canada. Her beautiful prints of forest and other wild animals recall the feeling of coming upon these wild creatures and watching them from a distance as they move freely about in their native environments.  Find more of Amy Hamilton's work on her website.  Also… Continue reading Animals by Amy Hamilton