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Art for May 2017

Contemporary art: May 2017   Rose Frantzen     Saba Taj   Helsreach - Part 1: Prologue - A Warhammer 40k Story This is the first part of a fan made epic animation of Warhammer - based on the work by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.   Tiffany Bozic   Julia Manchik   Livia Marin   “Slip Away” by… Continue reading Art for May 2017

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Digital Photography by Mark Mijares

  Mark Mijares is a photographer and illustrator.  His growing body of work shows an increasing level of skill with digital photo manipulation.  His use of color is very nice and he has a whimsical touch in many of his photo manipulations.  To see more of his work check out his tumblr.  The next picture… Continue reading Digital Photography by Mark Mijares