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Like Barley Bending Spring Art Fair 2017

This is a great time of year to discover new art.  Here are a few artists you may want to check out:    The Menagerie Series South African artist Gawie Joubert.   Cradle 2 California artist Tanya Wolf Ragir. Adrift Dutch artist Daan Noppen.   Expression of Form Collaboration between Rik Oostenbroek (Design, painting, illustration) and Futuredeluxe and… Continue reading Like Barley Bending Spring Art Fair 2017

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Winter 2017 Watercolors

Here are a Few Watercolors from some great artist - and some great music!   Japanese artist Yuko Nagayama     New Work by Serbian artist Endre Penovác.  See my previous post of his work   American Artist Lisa Krannichfeld         Chinese artist Guan Weixing   American Artist Zach Johnsen   Detroit, Michigan (USA) artist… Continue reading Winter 2017 Watercolors

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Dreamy Watercolor by Russian Artist Alexander (Arush) Votsmush

Master watercolor artist Alexander (Arush) Votsmush lives and works in Sevastopol, Ukraine. His work is like having an eccentric uncle who travels the world and turns up with wild stories about zebras, sailing ships, and wrestling alligators. Arush has an amazing capability of teasing out details while all around swirl wild details. There is something… Continue reading Dreamy Watercolor by Russian Artist Alexander (Arush) Votsmush

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Remarkable Watercolor by Lin Chin-Che (林經哲)

  Lin Ching-Che is a watercolor artist from Taiwan.  His resume is incredibly impressive - which matches his equally impressive and lovely art.  He has won many awards, and even been a juror for watercolor shows.  He is also an adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Art and Creative Design, Hsuan Chuang University. (Bio)  Lin Ching-Che's… Continue reading Remarkable Watercolor by Lin Chin-Che (林經哲)

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Ethereal Artwork by Endre Penovác

  Serbian artist Endre Penovác is a master of many mediums. His works in watercolor are ethereal and seem rather ghostly - some of them mix ink and and watercolor.  His watercolor and ink cats have garnered alot of attention.  Endre’s drawings and his oil color paintings are equally lovely.  You can see more of… Continue reading Ethereal Artwork by Endre Penovác

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Watercolor by Janine Gallizia

  Janine Gallizia is a professional watercolor artist from Australia who currently resides in France.  In addition to painting she also teaches.  What is wonderful about contemporary art is being able to hear from the artist about their work.  From an interview on the blog "Art of Watercolor" Janine talks about her process: I do… Continue reading Watercolor by Janine Gallizia